Welcome to Body By Marco. My goal is to help anyone who truly wants to get on the path to a healthier lifestyle, learn about their bodies, their strength and their abilities and to help them attain their fitness goals. I do not believe in short cuts. I do not believe in looking for the path of least resistance. Making changes in your body requires making changes in your life. Taking control of yourself is the key... then setting realistic goals... then getting to work. If you're looking for the next "15 minute a day-3 times a week" workout to lose weight then you're in the wrong place. But if you've finally decided you have what it takes to take control of your body and accomplish your goals, this is the place for you.


Nannette (StrongMom) hitting a gym PR on her rack pulls tonight. A double at 275lbs! Looking good 4 weeks out from the #pittsburghmonstermeet on April 3.

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Adam (aka meathead) crushing a double with 495lb on his rack pulls. Getting ready for the Pittsburgh Monster Meet in April 3.

#deadlift #permabeastinc #permabeast #teampermabeast #powerlifting #pittsburghpowerlifting #pittsburghmonstermeet
4 @ 585 rack pulls. Wasn't the best lockout on any of these. Need to work on that but it felt good having the weight on me. 
#powerlifting #teampermabeast #permabeast #permabeastinc #deadlift #pittsburghmonstermeet #pittsburghpowerlifting
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